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About Us

It always seems impossible until it’s doneNelson Mandela


The above words of the legendary statesman, Nelson Mandela perfectly sums up the concept of ‘living without excuse’, by which any person can achieve the extraordinary, and that all things are possible despite any and all forms of adversity. Apart from being a very popular hash tag and motivational talking point on social media, ‘#NoExcuses’ is more than a philosophy, it is a decision… one that combines self-belief with action.
This initiative recognizes individuals around the world who have achieved their relative level of success and achievement, in the face of physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and obstacles. Through this project, and with the help of our partners, ambassadors and supporters, we hope to continue raising awareness and support for some really astonishing individuals, and in doing so provide motivation and inspiration for A) others facing similar and seemingly impossible challenges and B) able-bodied individuals who realize they can actually do a whole lot more with what they have!
Stay tuned to our site to find out how you can get more involved in the #NoExcuses Revolution.


As an active and leading brand in the wellness industry in South Africa, Biogen is committed to supporting the transformation of lifestyles, not limited to but including physical change, mental focus and the development of positive health habits for a better quality of life, all this complimented by the wide product offering of top quality and safe nutrition and vitamin products.

The Biogen brand is a proud partner and co-founder of the #NoExcuses initiative in SA, designed to support and promote extraordinary individuals that achieve success in the face of adversity. Whatever the obstacle, the Biogen team celebrates the choices of these individuals who live without excuses, who do what they can with what they have, FOR THE RESULTS THEY WANT. In doing so, we hope that the initiative will inspire both those who face similar or other challenges, and secondly those who do not. It is all about living a life with NO EXCUSE.

The Biogen brand was born in 2004. Having started with a limited range of products the brand has expanded to three premium product categories, namely:


Comprises nutritional supplements and protein powders, slimming / weight management as well as strength and performance products. With select products being Informed Sport or Informed Choice certified, the Biogen range offers a quality and tested range of products suitable for a wide scope of individuals, whether professional athlete, or just general health and fitness enthusiast.


This comprehensive Endurance Series was launched in 2005, and consists of energy drinks, recovery products, on-the-go energy snacks as well as electrolyte replacements and cramp prevention solutions. The Biogen endurance series range has rapidly become a house-hold name and partner of many leading endurance athletes and events around South Africa.


2007 saw the launch of the Biogen Platinum Series, which comprises a fantastic variety of vitamins, minerals, herbal and anti-aging products. This vast range caters for a number of needs such as daily multi-nutrient, anti-oxidants, vitamin-B and C, essential fatty acids, bone and joint support, as well as natural anti-ageing solutions.

For more info visit: www.biogen.co.za, like on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: @BiogenSA

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