It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the No Excuses motivational project and website, powered by Biogen.

The ability to be active is an absolute privilege, one which many of us take for granted.  No Excuses was born out of a genuine appreciation for individuals, where remaining active is somewhat more challenging than for others, and in recognition of their choices to persist in spite of adversity or disability of any kind. The campaign is also here simply to celebrate the privilege of wellness, and to encourage others to pursue their healthiest and best life possible.

 “It always seems impossible until it’s done”Nelson Mandela

The above words of former and legendary statesman, Mr Nelson Mandela perfectly sums up the concept of ‘living without excuse’, whereby ANY person can achieve the extraordinary, and that all things are possible despite any and all forms of adversity.  Apart from being a very popular hash tag and motivational talking point on social media, ‘#NoExcuses’ is more than a philosophy, it is a daily decision… one that combines self-belief with action.

The initiative recognizes individuals around the world who have achieved their relative level of success and achievement, in the face of physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and obstacles.  Through this project, and with the help of our partners, ambassadors and supporters, we hope to continue raising awareness and support for some really astonishing individuals, and in doing so provide motivation and inspiration for:

  • Others facing similar and seemingly impossible challenges and…
  • ‘Able-bodied’ individuals who realize they can actually do a whole lot more with what they have!

For those facing your own constraints or impairment – whether physical, financial or simply circumstantial, we trust that you will be inspired to DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE in spite of these factors. For those that are privileged enough to have able bodies and no or little constraints, we hope that you remain inspired and aware that you have even less excuses to not be active. In other words, let us help you get off… and keep off those lazy butts! 🙂

Stay tuned to to find out how you can get more involved in the #NoExcuses Revolution. We are also on as well as Twitter: @NoExcusesSA – We look forward to engaging with you!